Shamrock Industries


Platform that is marketed using all the common hype terms, including coining a new term - "micro assessments". A large number of assessment types are offered, but the company does not provide any substance to demonstrate expertise.


Primary ClassificationHiring Platform
Secondary ClassificationBlended (AI and Traditional Assessment)


Year Founded2000
HQ CountryIreland
Number of Employees12
I/O Psychologist On StaffYes
Primary MarketSMB, Large

Provide a variety of tools that are configured and calibrated to provide hiring managers with holistic, easy to access information about potential for job success. Methods used to create and validate tests are unclear, as are the specific ways that AI is used within the assessments offered. Vendor seems to make unrealistic claims and do not provide essential information about the construction, validation, and configuration of their solution set.


Revenue in Millions (est)$1M
Investment SourceVC
Investment Amount$1.3M

Products & Methods

Vendor Offers Post Hire
Assessment Type(s)
  • Digital Interview- Traditional
  • Game Based Assessment - Cognitive
  • Job Matching - Traditional
  • Knowledge/Skills
  • Personality
Other ServicesNo Data
AI Level
  • Low

Analyst Ratings

Science QualityLow
Risk RatingHigh
Candidate Experience RatingHigh
5 Year OutlookLosing Ground
Analyst's Take

Shamrock is differentiated by the lack of information about how their products were created and what they actually do. Shamrock does offer a full range of assessments that cover the bases of contemporary assessments (gamified assessment, video interviews, personality). However, Shamrock's methodologies are unclear and their marketing is heavy on buzzwords. Shamrock does not have a visible market presence, and this combined with their lack of substance - does not position them for significant growth.